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Hey, Jenn here! Welcome to my little corner of the web! What you'll find here is all my lovely junk *huggles junk* and fanlisting stuff, so click onward to go to what you want to see.

I'm an October 10th baby!


I run 12 fanlistings, co-own 1 fanlisting and have 0 to build. There are 3307 (+1) fans listed, I've joined 79 listings and have 15 lovely affiliates.

Regal: Tigers Amazing: Kristen Bell 


September 09, 2015: White fanlisting is open!
August 18, 2015: Megan ( fanlisting is open!
June 17, 2014: Kristen Bell fanlisting is open!


This website belongs to Jenn Franklin, who resides in a quiet town somewhere in the USA. My virtual home has been online since 2003 and will continue on until I get bored with it. Hosting is from my lovely friends at! *huggles*