All About The Site

Why A Shrine?

Established in late 2000/early 2001 Scorpio Boy is the longest-standing L.J. Smith shrine on the 'net and is certainly proud to be so! Within this section you should find helpful information about the site and its workings!

When I first became involved in the L.J. Smith online community, there were very few sites around - many of them had closed down or just been forgotten after the long (and continuing) wait for Strange Fate. So I wanted to set up a website to try and get people re-interested in Smith and her books, but didn't have the time or enthusiasm to create a larger site with heaps of information, so I decided to make a shrine for Damon. It was an easy choice, since The Vampire Diaries was the first series that I read, and from The Awakening I found Damon the most fascinating of characters. I'd always had an affinity for the 'bad-boy' character, and enjoyed L.J. Smith's portrayal of him. I also found Damon the character I wanted to know more about, meaning that creating a website for him would always keep me interested in making the site good.

Why Damon?

I've always had a thing for the bad-guy, and when I was reading The Vampire Diaries, Damon just charmed me. He was a dark character - collected and sarcastic and that appealed to me. Ever since then I have loved the character. I decided to make a shrine to Damon as I couldn't find anything specifically about him on LJS websites at the time - it was my first L.J. Smith project and remains my favourite.

Layout Information

Hah, I bet this layout has you wondering what it is all about, right? This layout owes a lot to fellow Damon fan, Incanto as she helped me find the image. Once she showed it to me we agreed that Damon would be the type to wear crucifixes and enjoy pretending to be religious. So, there you go. Also, the lyrics, "reach out and touch faith" rather suit him, don't you think? I think you'll either get it, and like it, or not. In any case, the face of the model looks Damon-ish to me, and its my site :). Main font is XBAND Rough.

About Adia

I have been interested in L.J. Smith and her books since I first found them in 1991, I picked up The Awakening (the first book in the Vampire Diaries series) and thought that the blurb sounded interesting. Oddly enough I read The Fury before The Struggle because the books were so hard to come by in New Zealand. I have become quite active in the L.J. Smith community since setting up Scorpio Boy, and also run the L.J. Smith Directory.

So you don't like Bonnie?

No, no. I like Bonnie, she grew on me. I don't like Bonnie with Damon. *grins*