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welcome to switched, the white chicks fanlisting for the movie starring shawn wayans and marlon wayans! after an assignment gone wrong, fbi agents (and brothers) kevin copeland and marcus copeland are in hot water with the boss and need to find some way to redeem themselves. while working undercover to protect two rich and spoiled sisters, the brothers wind up in a situation where they have no choice but to disguise themselves as the two girls!

white chicks is one of my favorite movies and it's always there for me when I need to laugh! if you're a fan of this movie, please feel free to join! a fanlisting is a site that lists all the fans of a particular subject, so add your name to the list! (remember to link back if you have a site.)

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Last update: 28th November 2017
Welcome, Vanessa

There are currently 105 fans listed, and 0 waiting to be included on the list!

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the fanlisting is owned by jenn, which was given to me by quirino in july, 2008 and is hosted at inggrid was also a previous owner of the fanlisting. we are a non-profit site, with our only purpose being to list and bring fans of the movie white chicks together. we do not have any claim on anything having to do with the movie or the actors.