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Welcome to Cunning, the Slytherins fanlisting for the Slytherin characters of the Harry Potter series.

If you're a Slytherin and/or fan of these characters, please feel free to join! A fanlisting is a site that lists all the fans of a particular subject, so add your name to the list! (remember to link back if you have a site.)

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Last update: 23rd February 2018
Welcome, Celeste

There are currently 530 fans listed, and 0 waiting to be included on the list!

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The Slytherins fanlisting is owned by Jenn and is hosted at 10-31.net. The Slytherins: Boys fanlisting was given to me by Manda on June 19, 2015. TFL no longer recognizes the separate genders (boys/girls) for Slytherin, so the fanlistings have been merged into one. We are a non-profit site, with our only purpose being to list and bring fans of the Slytherins together. We do not have any claim on anything having to do with Harry Potter or J.K. Rowling.